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Poetry has been truly set in motion!

The seeds of Stephen Parker's continuing musical journey can be traced back to his years as an English major and writer of poetry at The University of Delaware from 1970-1973. His love for lyricism inevitably diverted him to find his true voice and calling as a singer/song writer.

He began learning to play guitar to facilitate this dream in 1974 and after several intensive years of practicing (which took him from Boulder, Colorado to the mountains of western North Carolina), his original material began to surface, culminating in the release of his first solo album, "Cheyenne Autumn" in 1979.

Stephen followed up his debut LP with a string of 6 CD releases starting with The Gathering Storm in 1990 which featured the rocking single "High Horse". Next came the 1998 release of studio tracks recorded with a stellar world class group of ex LA rockers in Nashville, TN in 1991 packaged together with a live concert at the State Theater in Easton, PA, opening for Highway 101 in 1998. This CD is affectionately known as "From Nashville to Easton". The single "Stuck on You" was never released in Nashville!

Starting in 1999 Stephen moved more towards an acoustic music focus and he released 3 CDs rather quickly in succession. The home version of "Iron Horse" in 1999 and the studio version of "Iron Horse" in 2001. The single "Iron Horse" received some radio airplay!"

The acoustic band phase culminated in the release of "Joined in Progress" in 2003 which featured a flawless live concert at the newly opened SellersvilleTheater in Sellersville, PA. The acoustic phase ended soon after and Stephen moved into more of an electric jam band type of format. A new CD featuring many exciting new electric songs was planned and then abruptly shelved as Stephen completely shifted gears and moved into exploring more samba/bossa rhythmic material. The delightful jazz/pop "What Goes Around" CD was released in 2008.

After this release, Stephen went on hiatus and took some time away from the music business.

He fulfilled another dream and became a certified PTR Tennis instructor in 2009 and was named the Head Men's and Women's Tennis Coach at Cabrini University in 2014. He is still active as the Men's Head Coach currently.

But of course the muse came calling and Stephen began writing new songs which would eventually become the basis for the recording of the new CD "One Step Closer to the Blue". After recording the exquisite last track "Tabula Rasa" with the Eric Mintel Jazz Quartet on "What Goes Around" the door was left open to reconvene at some point and explore recording more material! Fortunately those sessions were booked in February of 2015 and the seeds were planted for the recording of the new CD.

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