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A Snapshot Review of "One Step Closer to the Blue"

Ralph Young is a lifer! A music retailer for 45 years (since 1971) and a devoted lover of music for much longer! His resume is a stunning testimony to his passion and dedication to rock 'n' roll Having worked at Jerry's Records, Wee Three Records, Out of the Past Dist., Scorpio Music and finally as an independant retailer and owner of the fixture known as Record Revival since 1988! He remains an oasis to his friends and customers alike keeping the dream alive! Thank you so much Ralph for your years of artistic support and also for feeding my junkie music habit all these years!

A Snapshot Review

I was listening to the album "One Step Closer to the Blue" early in the morning. Taken as a whole it has such a Sunny/Daytime feel to it. I experience some of the same positive moods/vibes I get from listening to one of my favorite "Daytime albums" The YOUNGBLOODS "Elephant Mountain." and in particular Ride the Wind! The band on this new release is amazingly versatile and tight. These players are talented participants in what I feel is some of your most engaging music The arrangements flow so well and support and highlight your vocals in a big way.. I think that "Broken Mended Fences" and "A Walking Prayer" are two of the most affecting songs for me! Continuing with my Daytime theme, Walking Prayer is fittingly the last song as it feels like dusk. What an absolutely gorgeous intro! What a moody meditative arrangement including some of your most understated yet emotional singing. I always know a powerful song when It seems to be too short and you want it to continue. But guess what...that's part of what makes it a great song!

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